The Venicci Soft Vento 3-in-1 travel system is a beautiful and practical way to bring style and practicality into your family. This three-in-one stroller is designed to be used from birth until the age of thirty six months, and includes a carrycot, 0+ car seat and Footmuff. This means you won’t have to worry about your baby’s safety and comfort when on the go.

Venicci Soft Vento 3-in-1 Travel System (9 Piece Bundle) – Denim Grey/White – with Carrycot + Car Seat + Changing Bag + Footmuff + Raincover + 5-Point Harness and UV 50+ Fabric + Car Seat Adapters

The Venicci Soft Vento 3-in-1 travel system comes with a large carrycot that is made for newborns. The chassis is made from aluminum metal, which means that it is a steady and comfortable stroller. The carrycot is also roomy and has a plush mattress. The soft fabric and UPF-50+ will help protect your little one from the sun while you’re out and about.

The convertible seat unit can be easily attached to the chassis world-facing with the help of two small switches underneath the seat. The soft, denim-style seat unit is easy to wipe clean and can be adjusted to suit different heights and surfaces. The canopy can be positioned so that the baby can enjoy the fresh air in the car while the parents are enjoying a relaxing day out.

The padded infant car seat is a convenient option for travel. The convertible car seat offers a comfortable, secure seat that changes with the baby’s size. The infant carrier is comfortable to use and has a click-mode system that allows it to adapt to the baby’s growing size.

It is simple to assemble the Venicci Soft Vento 3-in-1 travel system. You can easily clip the wheels onto the pushchair frame, but it requires some assembly.

Venicci Soft Vento is a stylish and versatile 3-in-1 travel system that can be used for all kinds of traveling needs. This model consists of a pushchair, a Carrycot, Car Seat, Changing Bag and Footmuff. It also comes with various other accessories including raincover, 5-Point Harness system, UV 50+ Fabric and Car Seat Adapters. This product is also very easy to store.

The pushchair is suitable for newborns, infants, and toddlers. The convertible seat unit has a soft foam wedge head support and adjustable headrest. It can be used with the convertible Venicci Vento frame. The stroller also has a detachable apron. It comes with a plush mattress for the comfort of your child. The Venicci Soft Vento 3 in 1 Travel System is a great choice for parents with little kids. It is lightweight and multi-functional.