The Kinderkraft Moov Travel System – touted as the ultimate travel system with it all-in-one features comes at an affordable price and is ideal for new parents due to its appealing appearance. This stroller has all the convenience you would expect from a travel system, but in a stylish and compact design that’s easy to store. Even though it is extremely compact, this stroller can still accommodate lots of baby stuff. You won’t have to worry about carrying around a heavy stroller when your baby is inside!

Unlike most other newborn travel systems, the Moov Prams has all the elements that your little one will need in a stroller: harness, storage tray for essentials, storage bag for food and drink, cup holder, snack tray and lots of storage room. All these features are neatly packaged together in one attractive package. The fact that there are so many extras to choose from is what makes the Moov Prams stand out from other brands. It’s not just the beauty and design that makes this kind of stroller different from the others it’s its practical features that make it ideal for newborns.

Kinderkraft Pram 3 in 1 Set MOOV, Travel System, Baby Pushchair, Buggy, Foldable, with Infant Car Seat, Accessories, Rain Cover, Footmuff, for Newborn, from Birth to 3 Years, Black

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The kinderkraft moov travel system stroller also has a unique modern design that comes with a pushchair attachment. This is a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other brands. Parents who want to provide their babies with additional support when travelling, especially to malls or grocery stores, will find the push chair attachment extremely useful. Since the attachment can be adjusted according to the height of your child, there are several ways to customize the seat-positioning of your baby pushchair using the Moov Prams’ adjustable handle.

This kinderkraft moov travel system comes with a very lightweight seat liner. Since the Prams is very light, it makes it easier for parents to push it around and also makes it easier for the baby to sit comfortably. Its three-point harness ensures that the baby is securely fastened in the seat and does not slip or move around. The adjustable foot rest is another feature that is highly appreciated by parents as it helps them position their baby better.

The three-point harness is designed with a double side-swing strap and a heavy duty non-breathing raincover. This allows easy packing and easy transportation. Since it is made from light materials, parents will not have any worries about the durability of this travel system. Even though it is quite simple, the kinderkraft team put endless hours into making it as functional and user-friendly as possible.

Kinderkraft Pram 3in1 Set Prime LITE, Travel System, Baby Pushchair, Buggy, Foldable, with Infant Car Seat, Carrycot

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The Moov Prams are extremely lightweight making traveling with them much easier. They can easily be shifted around by mom and dad without putting much stress on the child. One of the best features of this kinderkraft travel system is that it has a universal serial bus connector (USC). This means that parents can easily connect their Prams to their cars for quick and easy transfers to and from the car seats.