Silver Cross Wayfarer 2020 Travel System, Lightweight Baby Pram for Newborn to Toddler, with Reclinable Reversible Pushchair Seat and Carrycot

Silver Cross Wayfarer Travel System + Simplicity Plus Car Seat Bag Travel System – Stroll those big city streets in luxury with Wayfarer 2020. Perfect for city lives, this bestselling travel system is now even more lightweight, with a new streamlined design. Wayfarer 2021 is simple to manoeuvre and push, yet the compact, quick-fold folding design means storage and travel are incredibly easy. It’s also perfect for those big airport-style check-ins and long commutes. You’ll love how light it is and how easily it fits into the boot of your car when you’re ready to go.

The Silver Cross Wayfarer 2020 Travel System can be used with the Dream and Simplicity Plus infant carriers to produce a comfortable full travel system. This means that you can now carry your child securely in your car seat and ensure maximum safety when travelling. When you combine the ease of use of Wayfarer’s easy pushchair attachment with the superior 5 point safety harness, you have the most versatile travel system available on the market today. And Wayfarer is so easy to use that even a baby can learn how to operate it!

The Silver Cross Infant Carrier and Wayfarer Travel System are made with durable nylon fabrics that are extremely stain resistant and can withstand liquids up to and including beverages. In fact, the innovative fold up pram adaptors can be used with most baby carriers, including the famous Britax. And the infant carriers made by Wayfarer are extremely easy to use, making them a secure option for the parent that wants to take the time to ensure their baby has the best possible start in life. Not only is the Infant Carrier made with waterproof and comfortable materials, it has the security of a five point safety harness to ensure your child’s head and torso are kept as high as possible.

Of course, like all of the Wayfarer products this is also available in a range of colours and patterns, including ‘Gold’, ‘Royal blue’ and ‘Jet black’. As well as the fully padded seat, the Silver Cross Infant Carrier and Wayfarer Travel System includes an attractive hood to provide a little extra head cover on hotter days.