The Hauck Pushchair Travel System Pacific Shop N Drive is an organizer’s dream. This is one of the best products in its category because it has so many features including cup holders, bottle holders, wastebasket, multiple side pockets, and a dual locking system. All of these features work together to keep things neat and organized while keeping your child comfortable and happy.

Hauck Pushchair Travel System Pacific Shop N Drive

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Main features

A Complete set
This ultra light pushchair traveling set is the perfect all-rounder for city and country. With Pacific 4 Shop N drive, you will be versatile right from the start as stroller, seat, baby safety seat, rain cover and two-part footmuff are already par of the set.

Child seat
The included baby safety seat, Zero and 0+, can be utilized right from birth. Incorporating it with the pushchair chassis results in a dexterous Shop N Drive System that is ideal for walks around the locality and stores.

Pushchair seat
As soon as you switch it into the pushchair seat, you can pick the direction your kid sits in, as the seat can be conveniently installed facing either you or the street. Additionally, the whole seat can be adjusted into lying position for your kid’s naps.

Super lightweight
This ultra light and agile pushchair combo promises the highest degree of driving fun not just in the city, but likewise in the country. Folded away fast and compact, Pacific 4 fits the boot of most cars.

Provides Pleasant driving experience
The 360 ° rotating front wheels provide maximum agility on practically any surface and make driving even more enjoyable and very easy.

Versatile use
Even on chillier days, your precious little one will be warm and cosy. The included footmuff can be made use of for both pram and sports seat as it consists of two components that can be used separately or as one piece. Very easy to use due to the zip attachment.

Hauck Pushchair Travel System Pacific 3 Shop N Drive

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Where to buy Hauck Pushchair Travel System

A quick Internet search for this product will give you a great deal of options. There are a variety of websites that offer this product and you can take your time and find the perfect model. You will find that there are many models and colours to choose from. It really all depends on your personal preferences and what type of look would be most appealing to you. You can also look at the specifications on the website to see exactly what you can expect from the pushchair.


The overall design of this product is very nice. It comes with a good quality fabric which is very hard wearing which makes it one of the best travel systems on the market. The fold up design also makes it very convenient if you plan on taking your pushchair with you when traveling.