The iSafe Tandem Pram me&you is a stylish, highly functional tandem travel system that offers the most advanced safety and comfort features. It comes with a range of stylish accessories that ensure the safety and comfort of your child. The innovative, lightweight, compact and durable double tandem pram weighs only 21.4kg and is much lighter than its rivals. Unlike some competing brands, the iSafe Tandem Pram me&You is fully convertible.

iSafe Tandem Pram me&You – 2 Tone Black (Black)

The iSafe Me & You tandem is an all-in-one double tandem pram and car seat that features a stylish and functional pram. It has a selection of stylish accessories that help you and your child stay safe and comfortable when you’re out and about. The wheels are large and sturdy which makes it easy to maneuver on all kinds of surfaces. The iSafe Me & You tandem comes with a large basket that makes it possible to take a lot of essential while on the road.

The iSafe Tandem Double Pram Travel System is a comfortable and convenient stroller that is suitable for babies from newborn up to 3 years. This model has an integrated car seat, four recline settings, and multiple adjustability of the back rest.

Pros and Cons of the iSafe Double Tandem Pram

The iSafe Tandem Pram is designed to accommodate two children of different ages. Its seating is comfortable for babies up to three years old and is compatible with many carry cots. Its spacious underbasket is great for carrying favorite toys and food. The iSafe Tandem Pram also has many other great features. Its multi-functional features include a carrycot mode and adjustable leg rest for extra support.

There are some cons to the iSafe Tandem Pram, though. It’s difficult to fold and can get stiff after collapsing. The included carry cots are not convertible to car seats. Other pros include a gorgeous design and a sturdy suspension system.

The Advantages of a Double Tandem Pram

A double tandem pram allows parents to use two seats instead of one. A tandem stroller has a separate seat for each child, which is very helpful if you need to go through the front door without waking your sleeping newborn. It also means that siblings will not get into a fight. This is especially handy if you have more than one child. A double pram will also keep your child and you more organized. There are many advantages of a double tandem.

A double tandem pram is a lot narrower than a side-by-side. The seats face in the same direction, making them easier to handle. A side-by-side can only be used with two children and will be too wide for standard doors. This type of pram is ideal for parents with twins or two children of close ages.

A double tandem pram is designed for two children. A tandem may not be right for your twins, but it can be an excellent choice for a family with two children of different ages. A tandem has the advantage of being versatile and convenient. It can be adjusted to fit the needs of both parents. A triple-seat version is also available, so you can choose a double-sided pram that accommodates three children. You can even buy a universal pram buggy board, which can enable the tandem pram to accommodate up to three children.