The Hauck duett 2 tandem pushchair is a compact twin stroller with two pushchair seats and a carrycot. This stroller also features a rain cover and foot cover. It can be used as a single or a 2-in-one stroller depending on your needs. It has two seat positions and a carrycot that can be attached to the upper seat. This versatile stroller is a great choice for families with children who are looking for a double stroller that is versatile in more ways than one. Despite its name, the Duett is actually a twin and a 2 in one stroller.

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The Duett 2 is a double pushchair that has a raincover and is suitable for babies from six months old. It is lightweight and folds up easily. The Hauck Duett 2 Tandem Pushchair is perfect for twins and can be used as a single stroller or double stroller. The main seat is suitable for children from birth and can be converted into a seat unit for up to five years old. The push handle is adjustable, so that it can be adjusted according to the height of the parents.

The Duett 2 pushchair has several improvements. First of all, it has more space in the second seat. The handle can also be adjusted for a better grip. The new version also comes with separate rain covers for the second seat unit. The Rain Covers are included in the price. In addition, the pushchair has a reclining seat, so you can adjust it according to your baby’s comfort level.

The frame of this Hauck pushchair is lightweight, with an aluminium chassis and adjustable handle for the parent. It also has a lockable and removable tray that protects the children in the pushchair.

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The Hauck Duett 2 is a tandem double pushchair for twins or two children of different ages. It has separate seat units for the children, with the main seat being suitable for babies up to eighteen months. The padded seat unit is perfect for toddlers. The Hauck Double Pushchair Duett is a compact and lightweight option, so it can be easily folded for easy storage and transport.