Double Travel systems are ideal for families who want to travel with two children of different ages or twins. They are available in different sizes and features to meet your specific needs. When purchasing a Double Travel system, make sure to choose the right infant car seat. If you have twins, choose a Double Travel System that can accommodate both infant and toddler seats. You can also choose a double stroller that can accommodate two infants. Also, consider purchasing a baby sling or a carrycot if you have a new baby. Either way, your baby will be comfortable and sleep throughout your travel.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Pushchair

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double All-Terrain Double Pushchair | Lightweight, Foldable Stroller | Jet (Black)

A compact, lightweight pram, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double All Terrain Double Pushchair offers maneuverability, comfort, and convenience for parents on the go. Its small, compact dimensions and easy maneuverability make it the perfect choice for families with more than one child. It is also suited for long-distance travel. Whether you want to go hiking or shopping, the double pushchair is a smart choice for traveling.

One of the most unique features of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double All Terrain Double Pushchair is its large weight capacity. With this capacity, it is an excellent choice for parents of pre-schoolers who want to explore the city and nature. Moreover, you can easily convert the stroller into a double pram with just one step. Its high weight capacity and versatility make it a smart choice for urban and country trips alike.

The GT2 Double All Terrain Pushchair features all-wheel suspension, unlike the original GT, which only had front-wheel suspension. As a result, it rides smoother on rocky surfaces and uneven terrain. Compared to the Sit N Stand and other all-terrain double pushchairs, the GT2 has a smoother ride. You can fold the front seats and the rear seats for storage.

Hauck Double Pushchair Duett 2

Hauck Double Pushchair Duett 2 / Baby and Toddler / Reversible Seat Convertible to Newborn Pram / Height Adjustable / Sun Hood / Raincover Included / Foldable / Up to 36 kg / Black Forest

The Hauck Double Pushchair Duett 2 is a newer version of the original Duett Buggy, released in 2011. The new model features more room in the second seat and a height-adjustable handle. It also includes separate rain covers for each seat unit. You can easily convert the seats into a carrycot, which can be great for those long walks. There are no complaints about the durability of the Duett 2, and the reversible seat will help you move around the stroller without any trouble.

The Hauck Duett 2 Tandem Pushchair is the perfect tandem buggy for twins or siblings. This versatile tandem pushchair has a foldable sports seat and carrycot, making it ideal for families with two children. Its stylish structure, small swivel wheels, and lockable front wheels make it easy to maneuver even on the roughest terrain. It can be a real joy to use for strolling with two young children!

Kids Kargo Duellette 21 BS Double Travel Systems Pram

The Duellette 21 BS Travel System is a versatile Double Travel Systems pram that is great for twins and doubles. It has a spacious basket that you can easily access when you are not using it in tandem mode. There are also extra sunshade zips on the back of the stroller, as well as a convenient storage compartment on the bottom. This travel system is easy to assemble, and it’s suitable for newborns and is compatible with most car seats.

Duel combo Double pushchair with carrycot

The Kids Kargo Duel is a stylish, versatile double pushchair with carrycot that is designed for village and town living. The Duel is ideal for newborns and infants, and is suitable for use with a medium to large family car. The Duel’s single bassinet fits comfortably in the bottom seat, and it can also be used with twin newborns. The chassis is compatible with car seats, although some may require an adapter.

The Duel combo is an excellent pushchair and a carrycot combo. Its bassinet is useful for newborns, and the seat unit converts to toddler seating at six months. The second seat is suitable for toddlers up to three years of age. The Duel is a great choice if you are on a budget, and want to have both your babe and their essentials within reach.