If you are looking for a light, compact and easy to use pushchair then the Graco TraveLite Pushchair is perfect. It is our best-selling stroller thanks to its easy portability.

Its quick and compact fold with storage latch means it is easy to pick up and pack away. It also has a carry handle that makes taking it out and about even easier.

Main features of the Graco TraveLite Pushchair / Stroller

The Graco TraveLite Pushchair / Stroller comes with quite a few impressive features including Removable bumper bar, adjustable calf support and Multi-position recline. Below, we describe some of them in detail:

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Allows for easy portability

The Graco TraveLite Pushchair is the perfect lightweight travel companion, with an easy compact fold that makes it simple to take away on holiday. It also has a convenient carry strap that attaches to the chassis for convenience and ease of use. This means that you can carry the stroller wherever you go and have it packed neatly away when you are done using it. The Graco TraveLite also features a storage latch that helps to keep the stroller folded, ensuring that it stays safe until you are ready to use it again. Suitable from birth to about 3 years old, this lightweight pushchair is the ideal travel companion for parents who like to keep their baby close.

The Graco TraveLite Pushchair was our top choice for its ease of portability and comfortable seat for the little ones, thanks to a removable padded arm bar that provides your child with something to hold on to when they are getting fidgety or when they need a break from sitting in their own buggy.

Graco TraveLite Pushchair comes with removable padded arm bar

The removable padded arm bar on the Graco TraveLite Pushchair is a big help to parents. It allows you to put your child into the stroller without having to hold them on all the time and it makes getting your baby in and out of the stroller a lot easier too. The adjustable calf support and multi-position recline on the Graco TraveLite Pushchair also make it a great choice for babies and toddlers from birth to approximately 3 years old. Its quick and compact fold with storage latch keeps the pushchair folded too, so you can take it along on holiday with you if needed.

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Has Adjustable calf support

The adjustable calf support of the Graco TraveLite Pushchair helps to ensure that your little one is comfortable as they grow. It can be adjusted to suit a wide range of heights and will keep your child in the perfect position to sleep comfortably throughout your travel if they want to. It also comes with a removable padded arm bar that can be used to give your child something to hold onto when getting in and out of the stroller, as well as a removable bumper bar which can be used for added safety on rough or uneven surfaces. When you’re packing up, the easy compact fold makes it simple to store the Graco TraveLite Pushchair away for later use. It features a storage latch that keeps it folded neatly until you’re ready to use it again.

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It has Multi-position recline

The Graco TraveLite Pushchair is designed to make the task of travelling with baby easy and fun for you and your little one. This full-featured stroller also boasts a multi-position recline and a 45 degree reclining backrest that is activated by body pressure. This is an ideal choice for parents on the go and will take the strain off of your child’s knees and shoulders. The oh so cool multi-position reclining backrest makes for a comfortable ride and is the Graco TraveLite pushchair’s most impressive feature.

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