The Cybex Gold Pallas G i-Size Child’s Car Seat is designed to give your child the safest possible ride, no matter the situation. This model features a Safety Rating of 5 stars and an Impact Shield that can be adjusted to any angle to give your child the best protection.

Impact shield car seat
The Cybex Pallas G i-Size is the latest in an award-winning series of child car seats. It features an innovative impact shield that significantly reduces the risk of neck injuries.

This impact shield is designed to be adjusted to fit your child’s size, making it more convenient than the standard buckle system. You can buckle the child’s seatbelt around the impact shield or remove it and use the vehicle belt system.

The impact shield, similar to an airbag, distributes the force of an impact over a wide area. It is designed to reduce strain on the neck, which is a very sensitive area.

Aside from its impact shield, the Pallas G i-Size also includes side impact protection panels that are guaranteed to keep your child safe. In addition, the seat can be converted into a 3-point harness seat.

The reclining headrest is also a useful safety feature. This allows you to keep your child’s head from tipping forward when sleeping. When the child is awake, you can set the reclining headrest to an upright position.

Adjustable seat angle
Cybex Pallas G i-Size is a two-in-one child car seat for children from 76 to 150 cm. It offers reliable protection up to 12 years. The seat is made of high quality materials and features Isofix connectors.

The patented 3-position reclining headrest provides maximum comfort. It prevents the child’s head from tipping forward during sleeping. Also, the reclining headrest can be moved into an upright position when the child is awake.

The impact shield used in the Pallas G i-Size reduces the risk of neck injuries by more than 40%. It can be easily adjusted to fit the child’s size. In addition, it can be secured with a vehicle seat belt or a child’s seat buckle.

It also features an air permeable substructure. This ensures that the seat remains comfortable no matter the temperature. Moreover, the airflow helps to reduce heat build-up in the seat on hot days.

It is an i-Size test winner. Awarded the highest possible rating by Stiftung Warentest, the seat meets the most rigorous standards of safety.

Safety rating
The Cybex Gold Pallas G i-Size Child’s Car Seat is an innovative product that provides all-round protection for your child. Featuring an impact shield, it protects your baby until he or she reaches 21 kilograms. In addition, the seat is equipped with a three-position reclining headrest. This feature helps to prevent your child from bending his or her head forward when sleeping.

Besides the impact shield, the car seat also includes a Linear Side-impact Protection System Plus (L.S.P.) that reduces forces acting on your child during a side collision by up to 20%. Its advanced design, which uses an energy-absorbing shell, reliably diverts the collision forces away from your child.

Aside from its great safety features, the Pallas G i-Size is also packed with features that make it easy to use. You can adjust its height to suit your needs. The harness system is simple to use.

In addition to the Advanced Impact Shield, the seat is also fitted with a Top Tether. These two components are hung over the back of the seat and are designed to provide additional anchor points. Once you have connected the carabiner clip, you can pull the top tether strap tight until you see a green indicator.

If you are looking for a comfortable and safe car seat for your child, you should consider the Cybex Pallas G i-Size. This is the latest model of the award-winning series. With a 10-year service life, it is guaranteed to protect your child.

It has innovative features such as an impact shield and air ventilation system. It has also been tested to meet the new UN R129/03 standard. The shield is fitted across the child’s lap and is designed to absorb impacts.

This innovative impact shield reduces the risk of neck injuries by more than 40% in frontal and head-on collisions. In addition, it distributes impact force over a large surface area. For extra protection, the child’s head is cushioned in a niche.

The air permeable substructure helps to maintain the constant temperature of the seat, even on hot days. Also, it is easier to move the seat between cars.

The height-adjustable headrest provides good comfort and can be adjusted to different positions. When the child is sleeping, the headrest can be set to recline.

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