Choosing a Baby Travel System

New parents may feel overwhelmed when selecting baby gear, including choosing the right baby travel system.

Baby travel systems consist of stroller and infant car seat combinations that connect via click or connect using adapters, making these sets ideal for new parents who need to transport a sleeping newborn from car to pushchair without disturbing him or her.

Car seat stroller combos are one of the most beneficial purchases you’ll make for your new baby, providing safe transport of infants from car to stroller without disturbing or having to remove and reinsert their seat repeatedly. Some systems even include an optional bassinet/carrycot for newborns to lie flat and sleep through trips out and about.

Other features found on a good quality travel system are a large shopping basket, foot brake and parent tray with cup holders for your drinks and snacks. Extra features like changing mats or snack trays may also be purchased as needed. In addition, select car seat stroller combos come equipped with toddler seats so your child can use their stroller once outgrowing the infant seat as pushchair mode.

Consider Your Needs

Newborns require many items of equipment, from essentials like diapers and cribs to items that might seem less necessary but provide greater convenience, like stroller travel systems.

Stroller travel systems consist of strollers that are compatible with infant car seats through adaptors or latch bases, enabling parents to transport sleeping children from car to stroller without disturbing them. Many travel system strollers come equipped with bassinets for newborns or those who can’t sit up yet.

Before selecting a travel system, take time to assess both your lifestyle and family’s needs. For example, if you regularly use public transit, a lightweight stroller might be most appropriate. If your vehicle has limited trunk space, ensure it the stroller that comes with the baby travel system folds compactly so it fits. Also if you’re planning another child soon after buying your current system, check if it can easily convert into a double stroller and select one with adjustable handles or seats so both parents can push it with ease.

Consider Your Budget

Baby Travel Systems can cost more than just pushchairs, so it is wise to carefully consider your budget when making this important purchase. There are excellent value travel systems for under £400 which offer great functionality.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia S offer a budget-friendly travel system with their Compact and Reclining Baby Pushchair and CabrioFix S i-Size Baby Car Seat. If you are willing to spend a bit more, however, then the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 All in one Travel System should be your number one pick as recommended by Babylist, What To Expect, and The Bump.

This travel system comes complete with an infant carrier (carry cot), eliminating the need to purchase a mosses basket. Furthermore, it features an attractive yet highly functional pushchair.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your ideal baby travel system should be easy and suitable to your lifestyle, such as being lightweight enough to easily fit in your trunk or backseat or featuring an easy quick-fold feature for convenient storage after use. Furthermore, make sure it offers secure connection to the car seat and can withstand frequent usage.

Many parents appreciate how a travel system offers a complete stroller setup they can use from birth through toddlerhood, saving them from needing to research stroller and infant car seat compatibility separately or purchase multiple adapters.

If you’re uncertain which travel system best meets your needs, visiting your local baby store and trying out various strollers equipped with infant car seats can help make up your mind. Manufacturers offer numerous compatible travel systems so there is likely something suitable out there that meets them all!

Consider Your Car Seat

A baby travel system combines a stroller with an infant car seat to make transferring your sleeping baby from car to pushchair easy and seamless. These travel systems can also come in handy for parents who plan to do a lot of walking or travelling with their new addition, whether that means going to work, playdates, gym visits or other outings.

A great travel system should feature an easy to attach car seat that simply clicks onto the pushchair chassis without straps or adaptors, ensuring peace of mind when transporting sleeping infants between car and pushchair without disturbing their naptime. Some travel systems also come equipped with carry cots for those first few months so your baby can lie flat – an essential aspect of their development.

Be sure to consider how heavy and safe the car seat is as well as any ratings it might receive for safety purposes. Finally, register your new seat as soon as you purchase it so you’ll know if there are ever any recalls or safety updates for it.

Carry Cot

Carrycots provide your baby with a cozy place to rest during those first precious months, and are an increasingly popular choice among travel systems as a means of reducing transfers in and out of car seats which could otherwise cause flat spots on their heads. Some strollers and car seats even come equipped with built-in lie-flat carrycots or pram units specifically for newborns while other can convert from seat into carrycot via clever adaptors.