Specifications:The Hauck Buyer Trio Arranged Travel System includes stroller, very hard carrycot & car seats and also raincover. Its lightweight, powerful body and extra-large wheels and suspension make an easy task of tackling the roughest of terrains, and shop ’til you drop with the large buying holder, parent holder and handy mug holders. For the infancy stages, the tough, protective carrycot could be secured to the pushchair to face the parent, allowing you to keep a constant eye on the toddler safe inside. In addition, the auto seat fits about the stroller frame in the same style and is suitable from delivery till aprox. Twelve months old (13kg). After this time, the stroller is to be used as a forward facing stroller up until your little one is simply too large for the buggy. Package Includes: Hauck Shopper Pushchair Hauck No Plus Baby Car Seat Hauck Shopper Hard Carrycot Hauck journey program raincover Combined with the Zero Plus child carseat group zero + which fits into the built-in armrest adapters the Shopper 11 could convert very easily into a shop’n Generate travel program. Features: Colour: Caviar/ Kiwi Suitable from birth – 3 many years. Lightweight robust body. Extra-large tires. Big purchasing basket. Mum or dad tray with pot cases. Fold away sunlight canopy. There is a one hand continuously variable backrest. Adjustable footrest. 5-point harness. Removable front bumper bar. Baby Car Seat Features: The Zero Plus provides a brand new side impact system that provides the very best protection whilst in a vehicle. With the patented use of materials the No Plus has achieved great test results in front and side crashes from ADAC and Stiftung Warentest. . In everyday life this baby car seat promises flexibility and comfort. With the built-in adapters, it instantly converts a range of buggies into a shop’n drive travel System. Additional protection is supplied for your childby the centrally adjustable 3-point padded seat belt and the additional head protection insert. Suited to babies and babies up to 13 kg.

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